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Future live shows:

Contact us, if you want us to perform and make your audience very, very deaf. Mail us or click

13-12-2014, The Rapture, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Private party. Acces need to know basis.

Past live shows:

05-04-2014, N.O.R.A.D., Beesd, The Netherlands. With Embrionyc, Stan Grewzell, Carnage Cluster, Sei2ure and others.

07-09-2013, Q-BASE, Weeze, Germany, With Sei2ure, Noisecontrollers, Endymion. Neophyte, Moleculez and many others.
21/22-06-2013, K.O.M.A. festival, Oslo, Norway, with Winterkalte, Phosgore, 13th monkey, Xotox and others.
23-03-2013, Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with Waldhaus, DJ Hidden, Scotch Egg, Sei2ure and Rotator
09-02-2013, Steeple, Waregem, Belgium, with Moleculez, Embrionyc, Sei2ure, Carnage & Cluster, Warchetype and Raum 107

26-10-2012, Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht, Netherlands, With Deadcell and Hanzel und Gretyl.
22-09-2012, Fuga, Bratislava, Slovakia, with Urbanfailure
06-07-2012, “The Verrückten Holländer Birthday Party” Heerlen, Netherlands
24-05-2012, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, Germany with Hysteris

23-09-2011, 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands, with Sieben

16-10-2010, Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht, with NG-Pro
21-08-2010, Slimelight, London, UK. with Mono-amine
27-03-2010, Perron 55, Venlo, with Modulate and Stahlnebel vs black selket

04-10-2009, The Warehouse, San Antonio, TX, USA with Hocico and Hardwire.
02-10-2009, Klub terminal, Los Angeles, CA, USA with Hocico, Manufactura, Hardwire, Reaxxion Guerilla and Blackcentr.
30-09-2009, DNA Lounge, San Fransico, CA, USA with Hocico and Hardwire
29-09-2009, El Corazon, Seattle, WA, USA with Hocico and Hardwire
27-09-2009, Vendetta festival, Denver, CO, USA
05-06-2009 Exhaus, Trier, DE with Gorgot
25-04-2009 Slimelight, London, UK with Phosgore
11-04-2009 Simplon, Groningen with Ravage!ravage!, XMH and NG-Pro
04-04-2009 Manifesto, Hoorn with Ravage!ravage!, XMH and NG-Pro
03-04-2009 Tivoli de helling, Utrecht with Ravage!ravage!, XMH and NG-Pro
28-03-2009 De koornbeurs, Delft with Ravage!ravage!, XMH and NG-Pro
20-03-2009 Metropool, Hengelo with Ravage!ravage!, XMH and NG-Pro
14-03-2009 Poppodium Alkmaar ,Alkmaar with Ravage!ravage!, XMH and NG-Pro
13-03-2009 Effenaar, Eindhoven with Ravage!ravage!, XMH and NG-Pro
24-01-2009 JV Unitas ,Wageningen with Schwarzblut

18-07-2008, EKKO, Utrecht, with Chamber 502 and Misery
04-07-2008, Effenaar, Eindhoven, with Deadcell

21-12-2007, EKKO, Utrecht, With Fabrikc and The Chaos industry.
02-11-2007, Acu, Utrecht, with Adept, The Machinist & Industrial Passage, Androgene Collective and Franz Fjodor.
24-02-2007, Slimelight, London, with Crash symptom
02-02-2007, Effenaar, Eindhoven, with This morn'omina
06-01-2007, The Shiny'z, Kehlen, Luxembourg with Cyberpiper, Rome, and Implant.

14-10-2006, Pericol de Moarte, Devils playground, Groningen.
12-08-2006, Tivoli de Helling (Summer darkness fest), with Soman and Fabrikc.
17-02-2006, Melkweg, Amsterdam, with Tactical sekt.

08-10-2005, Iduna, Drachten, with Alec Empire.
18-06-2005, Schon Geil, De Unie, Rotterdam
01-05-2005. EKKO, Utrecht, with Statik Sky and Embolus.
26-03-2005. Steeple, Waregem, Belgium. With Winterkalte, Asche, Morgenstern, This morn'omina and Greyhound.
26-02-2005. Parkhof, Alkmaar, With Militia and Nekschot.

13-08-2004. Ekko, Utrecht (summer darkness fest) With PAL, Terrorfakt and Angel theory
02-07-2004. Effenaar, Eindhoven. With Statik Sky.
15-05-2004. 't boogje, Rotterdam
19-03-2004. Cyberia, Ekko, Utrecht, with Statik sky and Mono no aware.

23-08-2003. De Raad, Alkmaar, with Thom Revolver, Usuals Suspects and others.
30-05-2003. Wolweze, Leeuwarden, with Misery.
21-06-2003, Xtreactor festival, Ekko, Utrecht, with Asche, Winterkalte, Grendel, Brachialite electronique, mezire and Punch inc.
22-02-2003. Simplon, Groningen, with Autumn and The Wounded.
19-04-2003. Shockfront, Bazart, Den Haag.

15-12-2002 Patronaat, Haarlem (With Garcon Taupe, Living ornaments and Hydrus)
13-09-2002 Magnifiosi, Lisse. (Band of the bulb area award)
07-06-2002 Patronaat, Haarlem. (Finals of Noord Hollands Glorie bandcontest)


Apart from an established industrial act, TPROE member Krat can also be booked as DJ's for your industrial/EBM/Hardcore/Alternative/Fetish parties.


For most people in the EBM and industrial scene, DJ Krat is a well known face. Being a resident DJ at Hollands premier industrial party Cyberia, and as resident of the Summer darkness festival. Also had numerous appearances everywhere, including three times at the WGT. Krat his DJ style is very ecclectic from harsch industrial and hardcore to synthpop, and everything in between. His music collection spans 3 decades of dark music.