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CD Machine District






Price: 10 Euro







CDr Reign of terror






Price: 6 Euro







CD Solipsism






Price: 10 Euro







CDr Anger management






Price: 6 Euro






CD Babylon






Price: 10 Euro






CD Singularity






Price: 10 Euro






CD Lubrication





Price: 5 Euro






CD Under stress





Price: 5 Euro






CD Monopoly of violence





Price: 5 Euro






CD Juche





Price: 5 euro







T-shirt "NIAR"

Price:12 Euro



Only XL left! Almost sold out.





Price 12 euro




"Illuminati Girlie"

price 10 euro






LP: Lowlands Industrialism I







Price: 10 euro







CD: Lowlands Industrialism II





Price: 5 euro






LP: Perpetual motion machine. tPROE Sideproject "Kratarknathrak". 6 tracks, like Aphex twin. Price: 10 euro

CD: Solstice. tPROE sideproject "Kratarknathrak". 12 tracks, like Aphex twin. Price: 5 Euro

CD: No moon at all. tPROE main man plays bass in this band. Price: 4 euro



This is our little online shop especialy for paypal and credit card users. Make your choice and buy away!

We also accept BITCOINS. Mail us for current prices (will be according the transfer rate euro-bitcoin)

Prices are without P&P.
Costs for shipping:
<15 Euro - 6Euro
15-50 Euro - 8Euro
50-100 Euro - 10Euro
100-200 Euro - 12 euro
Orders above 200 euro are free of shipping costs.

The Paypal shop can be used for everyone, but is targetted at customers outside Europe. if you are from the EU or the Netherlands: a normal banktransfer will save you some shipping costs. Prices for shipping outside the EU have gone up considerably over here, so for EU customers it is wise to read on.

No Paypal/Creditcard?:

People from the Netherlands can deposit the money on postbank account 1768172.

Please add 2 euro for P&P if you order one shirt or one CD. 4 euro's for bigger orders. (DUTCH ONLY!)

If you are from the EU:
Iban: NL47 PSTB 0001 7681 72

Please add 4 euro's for P&P if you order 1 shirt or CD, 6 euro's for bigger orders.

When doing so, send us an e-mail stating your order. CD's will be sent out when the payment is received.

People from outside europe without creditcard or paypal: The money in an envelope trick might do it. Mail for details!



We have a lot of CDs for sale, and we offer a Jandek deal on them. This deal is for all CD's and LP's EXCEPT the Vendetta ones and the T-shirts.

So for the selfreleased tPROE CD's, the Kratarknathrak releases, the Fertile Reality album, the two compilation albums the deal is:
If you buy a minimum of 10 CD's/vinyls they are 4 euro's each. Meaning you can get 10 albums for only 40 euro's (not including postage and packing).

Its any mix you want, so if you want one of each, thats no problem. If you want 10 copies of "Monopoly of voilence" thats also no problem. Any mix, any quantity above 10. No problem. Great if you have an (online) shop, or just a regular costumer who wants it all. One exception: to prevent speculation you can order max two copies of "Solipsism" this way. Keep that in mind! We gotta move these boxes, and why not profit from us moving them?

If you want in on this offer just send us a mail with you wishes, and we get back to you with payment details.


"Solipsism" and the deleted (in physical form that is) demo-albums are available as digital downloads from our bandcamp page. Check it out!