Rhythmic noise/doomcore/industrial hardcore, these are the genre terms used in the official note to describe the content of ‘Time Bomb’ EP from The People’s Republic of Europe. It would seem the only constant to the music of Dutch trio is R’n’Noise, which, depending how the wind blows, is accompanied by any other kind of tune stemming from industrial. Good, at least they keep their music fresh, gaining a larger fan base at the same time. Following this trail, the last EP I reviewed, ’Reign of Terror’, would appeal more to those who enjoy a raw feel of R’n’N, whereas ‘Time Bomb’ is… what exactly?

The three tunes on this EP fall perfectly into introduction-main body-conclusion pattern. The title track is a chip of the old block R’n’Noise tune, with a powerful beat, mechanical humming in the background and…not much else. However, like I said, tis’ just an introduction to what ‘Cthulhu Rising’ has to offer. Apart from a similar beat leading the tune, what’s underneath in way more interesting. The mechanical hum of ‘Time Bomb’ is replaced with a broader soundscape, creating a specific atmosphere of uncertainty surrounded with a bit of ominous feeling. I might be exaggerating, but that’s the impression I got when first listened to this track. After such a fine ‘main body’ the closure is brought by the most interesting of the three - ‘Last Man Standing’. Just like the other two, it has a beating rhythm (a leading feature of TB reminding the listener of a countdown?), supplemented with melodic electronics giving it character the first tune lacked and the second was searching for. ‘Last Man Standing’ has the most going on; we have space, intriguing effects, and a melody which makes it perfect for the dance floor.

And that is that. Not much, one might say, but considering that 2/3 of the EP is at the very least interesting, it’s worth to give it a shot. Nevertheless, if we look at the amount of music TPROE is releasing, it might just get lost in the crowd, which for some is an advantage, for others an obvious flaw